Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love being a grown up!

So, today I had to run Slayton's skateboarding helmet into school so he had it for Winter Sports. As I was walking into the school, the ENTIRE sidewalk was a solid sheet of ice. I managed to fall and scrapped my knee all up (a perfect way to start the day!). So, I managed to get into the school without falling again and I headed right to the office. I walk in and the secretary and the principal are standing there. Here is the conversation that followed...

Me: I just fell outside. It is solid ice and there is not a drop of salt or sand out there.
Principal: Well, I worry about the adults, but kids bounce...
Me: KIDS BOUNCE!?! *I'm* worried about my kid! Someone needs to get out there NOW and salt!

WTH?!?! "Kids bounce"?!?! What kind of answer is that when I just fell?!? So, I called the Superintendent and complained. That is just ridiculous!

Slayton was most impressed that I yelled at the Principal and told his boss on him! LOL!

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