Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One Cute Kid!

If he is nothing else, Riley is a CUTE kid! He just makes me smile (when he is not totally frustrating me!). He comes up with the sweetest things to say and ask. Last summer, he started getting the sweetest freckles across his nose! Riley looks just like his Daddy and is special because he DIDN'T get the red hair like the others! People always ask 'what happened to him?!'. Well, I think it is special that he got fine, sandy brown hair instead of red! It makes him unique...and One Cute Kid!

Page credits: Luau papers, Stamped Alpha, Jewel Brads, stitching, and Can you Point Me in the Right Direction? metal arrow all designed by Sarah Peale and available at Digi Aisle.

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TheBombria's said...

Way cute layout Sarah.....glad to see you scrappin again!