Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reasons I LOVE digiscrapping!

So, I was just sitting here shopping for digital stuff and while I was I was thinking of all the reasons I am SO glad I have gone completely digital with my scrapping. Here are my reasons!

1. I don't have to have my pictures developed. I can take a picture and scrap it 2 minuted later! I can make the picture HUGE or tiny, depending on what I want on my layout.

2. Free shipping! Since digital products are downloaded, there are NO shipping costs!

3. Along with the download perk, I can play with my new toys right away! Woo Hoo! No waiting for Mr. Brown!

4. I have my bedroom back! Since all my digi stuff is contained on the computer, I don't have to have all my crap in the corner of my bedroom.

5. Digital products can be used over and over. I can buy one kit and use it 1000's of times. Unlike paper scrapping, I will never use up my brads!

6. No more messy journaling! Since I can use cute fonts, my journaling is no longer crooked and full of typos!

7. Sharing. I can email and post my creations instantly. No more having to scan them or create duplicates to share my work.

8. No more itty bitty pieces of cardstock and paper to clean up. I can't tell you how many scraps I have found all over the house.

9. Freebies! There are tons of freebies out there. I love being able to try out a designer's work before buying.

10. Endless possibilities! I can recolor, resize, alter, and 'fix' any element to match my page perfectly.

I'm sure I will think of more reasons later, but I have to run over to SCS...I'm a hostess for VSBN!

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Stacey said...

Hi, it's me "stampin_stacey" from SCS JANVSBN.

I love all your reasons and I think you may have convinced me a little - although I am not ready to convert yet. I have NO idea how to work with photoshop efficiently so for me it takes so LONG to do a page - not that I have completed one. Any tips?

Also, I think maybe I will consider it if I can get a good tutorial and as my "paper-supply" runs out.

Can I ask you, do you print them off? What about putting them in a book? What about passing them on? What if your computer crashed?

You can email me at or go to my blog to answer. Either way.