Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wow! I have been lazy...

about updating my blog! I have been scrapping, so here are some pages I have done...

We pretty much live at the town pool during the summer. They have a kiddie pool area that is fenced in and has a littel water park. I can let Kiki and Riley run wild there while Slayton swims in the big pool with his friends. It is perfect. I can even sit on the edge of the kiddie pool and work on my freckles! LOL!

This is a cute picture of the 'real' Riley. SO hard to get a serious picture of him!

Fun in the Sun kit is designed by Laura Judd and available at

I really wanted to do a page that recorded Kira's progress with language, so here it is! She is coming along very nicely. We are very proud of her. On a side note, Riley's language is getting better everyday! We had an IEP team meeting and everyone is SO proud of him. They are even starting to back off the 1:1 a little to see how he will do!

Pinky Boo kit designed by Fee Jardine and available at

The kids were just wrestling the other day and it turned in to a hug session, so I had to grab my camera. Kira really loves her brothers! She will just randomly go up to them and demand hugs and give them kisses. They like to pretend she bugs them, but we all know they love it!

Family Ties kit available at

When I saw these pictures of Christmas, they instantly made me think of looting, so hence the title! The kids had such a great time opening their presents this year, everyone was really into it!

January kit available at

I got the idea for this page as I was sitting on Kiki's bedroom floor playing with her. I was looking around and was shocked by the sheer amount of 'girly' stuff that has been added to our house in the last 20 months! I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of all the 'evidence'! LOL!

Double Bubble kit designed by Sandra Duncan.

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Jen70 said...

You are such an awesome digi-scrapper! I especially love the page about your daughter's words at 20 months.