Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today's accomplishments!

Other than being completely lazy and not even changing out of my jammies...I have gotten 2 pages done today! These were pictures of Kiki that I took this past week and wanted to get scrapped before I forgot the details.

There are some days when Kira fights her nap so hard that she falls asleep just a little while before we have to go pick up her brothers. Well, that's what she did on this day, so she was still sleeping when we had to leave. I went in to wake her up and she was all curled up and she must have been trying to take her shirt off because her arm was out of her sleeve. I just thought she looked so cute all snuggled up.

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Yup, she was wearing his undies. The first time she was wearing them, she had them on with her waist through one leg of the underwear. She took them off before I got a chance to take a picture, but she insisted on putting them back on, so I got the chance to snap a few photos.

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